Work Experience

  1. Assistant pastry

    Italian chef academy

  2. Pizza/pasta chef


    June 2016 – November 2017I wa responsible for 3 days making pizza in electric oven making fresh dough/ open it by hands and cooking it, other 2-3 days working in the kitchen as pasta chef, everything had in the menu carte


  1. Italian chef academy


    2018I did a pastry chef academy to Rome, that I learned all about the techniques of patisserie, cakes4/4, pasta bignè/frolle/pan di Spagna/glassaggio/pasticceria moderna, studiato iL tempeeaggio deL cioccoLato, le Vatienti oee iL geLato , L uso dei macchinari
  2. P.I.A ( pizza Italian academy ) Naples


    2016It’s was a wood fire Neapolitan pizza school, I learned everything belong to the pizza, the flows,the dough, how to make fresh and quality Italian pizza, all the ingredients, how to cook it, how to put the wood in the oven, checking temperature
  3. Accounting school at Leonardo Da Vinci , Santa Maria Capua Vetere (Caserta )


    1995Basically word computer


  1. Englisch (Gut)
  2. Deutsch (Grundkenntnisse)
  3. Spanisch (Gut)
  4. Italienisch (Muttersprache)


  1. Pastry chef certificate

    I did the exam to pass the course and received the certificate from academy

  2. Pizza chef certificate

    I passed the exam and I did it