George Visu

George Visu

Chef de Bar @The Vintage Bar Basel

20 Cocktails you must try this Summer ! (Part 1)

Pisco Sour INGREDIENTS 60 ml Pisco 20 ml Lime juice 20 ml Simple syrup 1 Egg white 3 Dash Angostura bitters INSTRUCTIONS 1.Chill an OLD FASHIONED glass and leave it aside 2.Dry shake everything for 10 seconds (except the Angostura) 3.Fill the Shaker with ice and shake one more time for 5-6 seconds (except the Angostura) 4.Pour the content in the chilled OLD FASHIONED glass using the FINE STRAINER Garnish : dehydrated orange wheel and 3 dash of Angostura

Tia Mia INGREDIENTS 30 ml Mezcal 30 ml Amber Rum 20 ml Cointreau (Triple Sec) 20 ml Lime Juice 20 ml Almond Liqueur INSTRUCTIONS 1. Shake with ice 2. Strain into an OLD FASHIONED glass filled with CRUSHED ICE Garnish : 1 mint sprig, 1 lime wheel, 1 orchid

Chimayo INGREDIENTS 40 ml Tequila Gold 30 ml Ginger Ale 10 ml Lemon Juice 10 ml Crème de Cassis INSTRUCTIONS 1.Add all ingredients into an OLD Fashioned glass filled with ice 2.Stir Garnish : 3 Thin Apple Slices

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Sehr cool! Wär noch toll wenn man die Rezepte dazu bekommen könnte