George Visu

George Visu

Chef de Bar @The Vintage Bar Basel

Gin Basil Smash

Not much to say about this cocktail , I can describe it in just 2 words "simply stunning" ! And to quote Jörg Meyer, the creator of this cocktail "Better too much, than not enough basil in this drink" He also says, "Keep in myn •50 ml Gin is not enough •60 ml Gin is the recipe •70 ml Gin is LOVE" INGREDIENTS •12 Basil Leaves •60 ml Dry Gin •25 ml Fresh Lemon Juice •15 ml Simple Syrup INSTRUCTIONS •Place basil and lemon into a cocktail shaker •Gently muddle the lemon and basil “smashing” the ingredients •Add sugar syrup and gin and top up with ice •Shake vigorously •Double strain into an ice-filled rocks glass  Garnish with basil leaves and dehydrated lemon wheel

  • 4º

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